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We like to think we make super rad art. We sell prints, and one-off art pieces. You'll also find some odds and ends in this category that just didn't fit the definition of jewelry or plant.


Our jewelry, accessories and garments by [Star-Bit] are made with love and space dust.

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We make awesome terrariums and grow cool plants. We wait an extra month before selling them to make sure the environment is sustainable.

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icosahedronInstagram Tag

Tue 10 June 2014

Hello world! I had to say that. ;) Today, I want to show you my addition to the liquid tags plugin.

I recently converted from the Ruby-based static site generator Jekyll to the Python-based Pelican when I helped the ACM at my school do a similar conversion from Wordpress to Pelican (see my post about the process if you wish). The only thing I was hesitant about was whether I'd be able to use something akin to inline Liquid tags in my Markdown but for Jinja templates. My inner scientist was thrilled when I saw the Python notebook and the other helpful capabilities in the liquid tags plugin.

Here's my small addition; you can use Instagram shortcodes like the Liquid image tag, and also specify the resolution retrieved1. It also warns about any shortcodes that 404.


Heads up, full syntax isn't yet implemented.

{% gram shortcode [size] [width] [class name(s)] [title text | "title text" ["alt text"]] %}


{% gram pFG7naIZkr t %}

You can specify a size with t, m, or l. This is a coral fungus we found near a Nike missile silo and dangerously amongst a poison oak field!

{% gram pFJE11IZnx %}

Or, if no size, it lets m be used, which the Instagram API does itself by default.

'pretty turkey tail fungus'

Resolution-size set, width, class, and text.

{% gram pFI0CAIZna l 400 figure 'pretty turkey tail fungus' %}

I have some to-do items for bettering my regular expression to use the whole syntax, but it's a start :)

Find the code at

Idea: If you use the Better Images and Figures plugin and the CSS [Duncan Lock] uses, it would make these photos look like Polaroid film!

  1. The only caveat is that you don't want to not set a size (t/m/l) or width and then expect to use a class called t, m, or l as the first listed class. However, I know you wouldnt do that anyway. I just wanted to say something in a footnote. 

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metatron polyhedronMike's Cheesecake

Wed 04 June 2014

Our buddy [Tyler] made us cheesecake from his ancient family recipe1, Mike's Cheesecake.


It was really delicious, so here it is to share.

Mike's Cheesecake

The Crust
16 Honey Maid Graham Crackers, crushed and rolled fine
1/2 cup Cup melted margarine or butter
1/4 cup ...

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metatron polyhedronForaging The City: Strawberry Tree Jam

Tue 27 May 2014

Hey! Let me tell you about the Strawberry Tree.

The Strawberry Tree, Arbutus unedo, bears edible fruit that resembles a cross between a cherry and a yellow-bellied toad.

The tree has characteristic deep red papery bark which peels away in thin sheets. The leaves of the Arbutus unedo are a ...

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